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Who we are

The Company

e-Durable SA (e-Sustainable Ltd) is a young Limited Company under Swiss law and based in Gland, VD. Its local Information Technology services and supply of integrated sustainable solutions and practices were initially created within the association named ‘metaDurable’ (metaSustainable), a genuine incubator of ethical and ecological projects. The company has now been running on its own for many years to the satisfaction of its growing number of clients.

The Team

e-Durable works with its partners, its employees and independent specialists around a robust core of founders who you can contact to question, exchange and support sustainable development in IT:

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Jean-Damien Beaud


Jean-Damien is an Entrepreneur with 20 years of experience acquired from software development and IT Executive level management. He has experience working with IT infrastructure, and support and management of expert teams in international environments, ranging from small organizations to large multi-nationals.

Proudly supporting customers with quality and dedication, Jean-Damien started his career as a developer in the Financial sector for BNP. He quickly grew to lead a small team of software specialists and then moved to the United States to successfully lead larger software projects for a subsidiary of the bank.

After returning to Europe, Jean-Damien took the opportunity to join an IT Service Provider company in Switzerland, initially as Technical Lead and then as Director of the Business unit, to expertly manage a team of IT consultants in the financial sector.

He then joined OnAir to discover the industrial sector of Air Transport and Telecommunication, and successfully built the entire IT infrastructure and IS Business Intelligence tools of OnAir from scratch. He managed complex projects from concept to delivery and built strong teams to facilitate the company's growth.

From a young age, Jean-Damien has appreciated the value of nature's resources by discovering the value of numerous European natural parks and landscapes during family vacation time with his parents. He later participated in many humanitarian help projects abroad like in Niger and in Burkina-Faso.

Jean-Damien brings his in-depth knowledge of IT and combines it with his successful international management experience to grow e-Durable's business and to develop sustainable IT concepts.

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Anne de Rotalier

Head of Ethical an Ecological Committee

Anne is a former Professor of Physics and has always actively participated in the local associations network. In particular, she was a regional leader of Scouts et Guides de France, she participated in social help with SOS Amitié. She has always followed the progression of organic farming with great interest and fully adheres to sustainable development principles.

She continues today to bring her experience and ideas to maintain and animate the debates around sustainable development in general and in particular in the area of IT solutions.

She also ensure that a pragmatic and non-technical view from clients and users perspectives are represented within e-Durable.